Accor Vacation Club The Alphabet of Travel Tips

Explore a whole alphabet of travel tips – let’s begin at A and roll on through to Z. A is for…

ALWAYS – Print a copy of your important documents to leave with family or friends. Take an extra copy with you as an emergency backup.

BUDGET – Set your budget and stick to it. Whether it be the cost of your holiday, food, transport, accommodation and all those little extras you want and need.

CHECK IN – Early for any flights, and ensure you know where you need to be for any transfers. Otherwise look for universal signs for Taxi, Bus, Train and Information – they don’t change much from destination to destination – even if the language does!

DEALS & DISCOUNTS – Keep in regular contact with your travel agent at Accor Vacation Club Travel to ensure you receive THE best deal and discounts available.

EXTRAS & SPARES – First rule of travel is to make do with what you’ve packed. Extras and spares of anything are just added weight in your bags. If you desperately need something – buy it when you arrive!

FLEXIBILITY – Be flexible while travelling. There will be multiple options, different food, new people, lots to see and do. It’s easier if you leave your Type A personality at home, if you know what we mean.

GADGETS – Remember that gadgets will weigh you down and need power. Remember to bring their power cords, battery and a universal adaptor.

HEALTH – Check with your Doctor up to 8 weeks before leaving for any pre-vaccinations or medications needed while you are travelling.

INSURANCE – Travel Insurance is a MUST HAVE item for your safety and protection. Make sure it covers you for all destinations from the time you leave until you return.

JEWELLERY – Do you really need your diamond-encrusted tiara while travelling? To avoid becoming a target for theft, keep it simple and inexpensive.

KILO’S – Keep your baggage weight well under the maximum allowance to avoid extra fees and allow for all those lovely souvenirs on the way home!

LAYERS – Pack lighter clothing for layering, rather than one big bulky jumper or heavy coat. Also invest in a spencer or long-johns if you are heading to colder climates – you’ll thank me!

MONEY – Pre-loaded currency cards, credit cards and EFTPOS cards are now the norm for travellers. It’s a good idea to also have small denomination currency for tips, transport, markets, etc.

NEW FOUND FRIENDS – Be open to meeting new people along the way. Fellow travellers and friendly locals can easily become lifelong friends.

OPPORTUNITY – Travel is your opportunity to learn a new language, explore your destination and open your hearts and mind to somewhere/something new.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Capture that spontaneous moment for all time, snap some wildlife, tourist hotspots, unique cultural diversity and (with permission) that one-of-a-kind face.

QUESTIONS – The more questions you ask your travel agent the better informed you will be about your destination, times to travel, available holiday deals and more!

RESEARCHBEFORE you go do a little research so that you know all the great sightseeing spots, and the best local experiences.

SHOES, SANDALS & FLIP FLOPS – Shoes are bulky and heavy, so limit yourself to 3 pairs – casual, dressy and a good pair of walking shoes. (Try to at least)

TRANSPORT – should all be confirmed, where possible, BEFORE you leave home so you know who you are meeting, where and at what time and day.

UNDERSTANDING – Delays, missed connections, lost luggage, mislaid bookings and non-existent transfers all happen. Even if tempted to rant at an employee, they are only trying to help. Being nice costs you nothing (and may even get you upgraded!)

VACCINATIONS, VISAS & PASSPORTS – It is your responsibility to ensure you have the proper VISA for the destinations, have been vaccinated and your passport has at least 6 months validity (or more)

WHAT ARE YOU WEARING? – Modesty is the best policy, especially if you are visiting places of worship – temples, churches, monasteries.

eXPEDITION – Take time out and get to know the real world. Meet the locals, taste their food, look, listen and share in real life experiences. It’s definitely worth it!

YES! YES! YES! – Take advantage of every sale and discount on offer, from an all-you-can-eat buffet to a free night at a hotel – the answer should always be YES!

ZEN – Chill out – you already know how to get the best deals on travel – Accor Vacation Club Travel!

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The Alphabet of Travel Tips by Jacqueline Hamilton